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What is a Special Improvement District?

Special Improvement Districts (SIDs) are mechanisms
that allow a group of property owners in a geographical
area to benefit from special projects or services in
their area, i.e., additional street lights or improved
street maintenance. To pay for these special projects
or services, each benefited property owner contributes
through a special assessment on their property tax bill.

What is an Energy Special Improvement District?

An energy SID is a special type of SID, established
through Ohio Revised Code 1710, where the special
project or service provided to the benefited property
owners is specifically energy related. These energy
related projects may be:

Solar Photovoltaic Solar Thermal
Geothermal Wind
Biomass Gasification
Energy Efficiencies  

What is the Advanced Energy District?

The AED is Ohio’s first energy SID. Through our
innovative Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)
program, we enable commercial and industrial property
owners to install and finance energy projects on their

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